Divine Manifestation Comes From Knowing Ourselves

Divine Manifestation

I was sitting with a client last week and she asked me what I felt was an important key in being able to manifest well. It is a really good question that got me thinking….

We are manifesting all the time. It is what humans do. We are constantly creating and co-creating. There is not a second that goes by that we are not manifesting our present and future realities. So what my client was actually asking me, is how do we manifest well… how do we manifest in a way that feels good? How do we create a reality that is synonymous with the reality we are wanting to create…?

The answer lies in knowing ourselves.

You see we are all master creators anyway, so that is not where the skill lies. The skill lies in being able to identify what will truly bring us joy and success. You may be enjoying amazing success in your career but still feel unsatisfied. Or perhaps you have ticked all the boxes- you have gotten married, bought the house with the white picket fence, you have 2 beautiful children, and yet you still feel empty. And the reason is most likely to be that you are manifesting someone else’s dreams. You are manifesting the dreams of the person that you think you are. You are manifesting the dreams that suit the things that you think make you happy, because they make the person next to you happy, or the rest of the people in your family happy. It’s on of the most trickiest traps us master creators get ourselves into… and this is that we do not create from a place of authenticity.

And that is why, often, when we set about doing transformational work, the transformation can feel so uncomfortable and downright scary, because the things that we think we need and love start to fall away for the things that will truly bring us joy. But we are so trapped in the programs of who we think we are, that we hang on with all our might, even though when we showed up for the work we asked for more joy in our lives.

We are all run to a degree by programs and belief systems in our collective consciousness that take us away from truly knowing ourselves. And so when one sets about on a path to self empowerment and self knowledge, a massive part of the journey in getting in touch with who we truly are will be a clearing process. And this journey will require that we stay awake and continue to build a very strong foundation of who we are, because the trap of our judgements and stereotypes will always be there. For instance, as you do start to get to know yourself better, you may start to align with the stereotypes of the people around you that are teaching you or you think know themselves well. But this is again a trap because what makes them happy, will not necessary give you joy.

Each of us carries a beautiful bright spark of individual essence, and the greatest key to joyful living is in finding this spark and celebrating all that makes us unique.

When we reach the place that we are in awe of our uniqueness, warts and all, we are in a place where we will find an amazing slipstream in life where we attract and manifest people and situations that work for us.

We are driven, most often to our detriment, to fit in. And this program causes most of us so much agony, because the only place to truly fit in, is with-in. It is the only place that will feel like home, and it is the only destination that you will feel like you have truly arrived.

So think twice about striving. Watch out for comparison. True flow comes from commitment to peeling away the layers to discover the beauty and richness that lies within each and every one of us. And as we get closer to knowing ourselves, we will notice how much more divine our manifestations become.


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