Precious Tools for Wholehearted Living

Everything we need lies within us. And my experience has shown me that true sustainable healing works when you are developing tools that lead to your empowerment. Tools that are working to assist you in getting to know yourself better, to understand your wounds and most of all to let the past go.

We need to work to understand our wounds so that we can be aware of where our triggers and negative reactions are coming from. But we need to also, with this awareness be able to let this go, so that we do not continue to live our lives cocooned in our pain body – we can only live our lives alive in the present moment. ‘The letting go’ is the hardest part, and while there are many methods to facilitate this, it has been my experience, that nothing works are resolutely as energetic healing.

Along with learning and being supported to let the past go, there are some keys that I have seen make all the difference in being able to move forward and to feel empowered to live the life of our dreams.


A strong will is the ability to manifest our desires. Whether they be to be healthier, quieter, more at peace or even more adventurous, a healthy will power, will be strong enough to take you there when you focus your mind on something that you want. You can read all about this in the article I have written here that takes an in-depth look at the symptoms of a low personal will, what it feels like to have a stronger will and how to cultivate a stronger will.


I have also found it extremely helpful to invest in self care. To truly fall in love with taking care of myself. I guarantee you – it is intoxicating. You can read more about my thoughts on self care here and here is a snippet of the article, “It makes me think; on our tombstones we should not measure how many years our body was actually alive for, but rather how many moments we were actually present for. Because, this is the thing about prioritising all else above your state of mind and spirit: in this very precious life, on this incredibly special planet, are you here or are you not? And if not, why is it not your greatest priority to find your way back into your heart and body?”


Have you ever heard about Wu-Wei? It is the art of non-attachment. This is very different to not caring. It is about putting your effort into and being impeccable about the choices you make, rather than trying to control the outcome of those choices. When we are on a path to knowing ourselves it is much easier to live with wu-wei because we have greater trust and belief in ourselves and the world around us. Living with ‘wu wei’ is flow and as soon as you feel yourself starting to strive, it’s time to asses your relationship with ‘wu wei’. One of my mantras to support me with this is; “I have choice, but I am not in control.” You can read more about Wu-Wei here.


Lastly commitment to the path of joy takes courage. It is no easy feat to put ourselves first. Being a warrior is about being prepared to fight for your dreams. YOUR dreams. It requires that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to find yourself. And most times this may come down to as simple a thing as honesty. Having the courage to be honest in our relationships, with ourselves and in our work. I discuss this in more detail in this article here, and again share a snippet with you from that, “I have seen firsthand how the universe responds to bravery. It is a metaphysical truth that being honest and being brave will eventually take you to a higher place of living: to joy. And I can guarantee you this, when you look around at the “tallest trees” in your community, those souls who live in more flow than the flock around them, you can be assured that they did not achieve that status in life without the bravery and the willingness to commit themselves wholeheartedly to knowing who they were, and what they wanted from life. The greatest outcome of so doggedly pursuing the truth of who they were and what they wanted, is joy. Not happiness, that is so dependent on the uncontrollable external but joy, that state that comes from knowing Thyself, and living with a powerful self-assurance and trust in the mantle of life.”


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