The Magick of Salt and Water

The Magick of Salt and Water

Learn how to raise your vibration with these everyday household ingredients

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”— Isak Dinesen

The healing power of water

Water is made up of negative ions and it has the ability to absorb and wash away lower energies and vibrations that you may have come into contact with. This is especially true when it comes to moving water like oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and showers. Water is also magnetically attractive and so can hold energy which makes it a valuable tool for holding and carrying intentions and prayers.

Ever wondered why that mountain shower under the natural waterfall felt so good? Now you know why 🙂

The healing power of salt

For thousands of years, salt has been revered for its healing properties. Early civilizations used salt to promote rejuvenation and well being, and was even used as a mood stabiliser. Hippocrates, who lived between 460 BC and 370 BC, was the first person who discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater and detox baths when he noted the healing affects it had on the injured hands of fisherman. The salty seawater not only provided pain relief but also restricted the risk of infection.  We now know that salt boosts the rejuvenation of cells as well as greatly supports the body in the absorption of minerals and the release of toxins.

Rock salt is used in Ayurvedic medicines, and said to benefit the heart, is good for diabetics, prevents osteoporosis, reduces depression and stress, prevents and heals muscle cramps, numbness and tingling sensations, keeps the blood vessels flexible, maintains the correct acid-alkaline levels, helps in digestion, relieves a number of skin problems, benefits in relieving arthritic problems, to name a few.

Good rock or sea salt can also really lift our energy, and it does this by supporting our adrenal glands. These are the glands that sit above your kidneys and are responsible for secreting a variety of hormones and molecules that support life and homeostasis. The adrenal glands secrete a mineral corticoid called aldosterone. Aldosterone works to reabsorb sodium aka salt via the kidneys as urine is formed. This sodium reabsorption is responsible, in large part, for your blood pressure and hydration levels, among other things. Low sodium levels can leave you feeling fatigued, dizzy and dehydrated.

Furthermore, spiritually speaking, salt is considered to be the great neutraliser. It works in the same way on the etheric as it does the physical and has the ability to cleanse, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations.

(When I refer to the etheric, I am referring to energy. Everything that surrounds us has energy — people, plants, animals; the very environment in which we live and breathe is composed of energy. Simply speaking, we are energy. This energy is constantly bouncing around and leaving a residue on all that it touches and salt absorbs negative energy.)

Salt + Water is just awe-some!

Given that both salt and water as stand alone ingredients have the ability to cleanse energy and uplift our spirit, can you just imagine how powerful salt water is, be it in an elixir, bath or our seas! Salt water is more electrically conductive then normal water and this absorptive property of salt water, helps to draw out accumulated negative energies, leaving us feeling revitalised and lighter.

(Please note that salt water doesn’t remove negative energy but it absorbs negative energy, as energy is neither created nor removed, rather it is transmuted.)

There’s a reason why the beach feels so energetically clean and refreshing!

On a physical level a soak in salt water has the following benefits:

• A salt water soak will draw toxins and heavy metals from the tissues due to the fact that your skin is an organ of elimination

• The salt contains over 84 minerals and elements to help reduce acidity and inflammation in your body and this will all get absorbed through your skin

  • Salt water can be very healing on the skin as bacteria and other debris are also drawn from the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated
  • The salt also promotes cell regeneration and moisture retention, helping to repair dry and irritated skin.
  • Circulation is increased and therefore a salt soak can help to relieve muscular aches and pains as well as sore joints

But not all salt is created equal

To get the best results I would highly recommend that you use rock salt more commonly known as himalayan salt. Rock salt is mined from underground deposits of dried lakes. It does not contain the toxic wastes that can be found in high processed sea salt that can be made from the polluted ocean water. Furthermore this salt has not been processed or stripped of all the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. Table salt on the other hand, has been reduced to nearly 100% sodium chloride and may have been bleached, contain aluminium or anti-caking agents. It is found in white, pink, or blue colour. Natural rock salt is also not just more pure physically, but also energetically.

How to use water and salt to cleanse yourself and your home of lower energies

Ritual Bath

I love having ritual baths. We use bore-hole water and have family ritual baths. (I am writing this article from a water-restricted area and if you also have water restrictions, do think of having a ‘family bath’ or just bathing your feet in a ritual bath.)

It’s really simple, throw a handful of himalayan salt into the bath and set your intention. Stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes. You can add herbs and flowers to the bath to further increase healing.

A ritual bath benefits will purify and rejuvenate your personal energy field and aura, repairing any holes in the aura and removing any blockages. Because it helps to purify your body of negative energy it will promote spiritual, mental and emotional balance, As a result, a ritual salt bath benefits has the potential to regulate sleep and relieve stress, which will encourage an overall sense of harmony within your day to day life.

A salt soak will really help when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, negative or stressed. If you are able to make it a daily practise, I would highly encourage it – especially for highly empathetic and sensitive souls.

(Many people actually believe that the detoxifying effect of the salt bath is so powerful that it is equivalent to that of a 3-day fast!)

Mopping the floor with salt water:

I only recently stumbled across this fantastic idea. Mopping the floor every day is a good practice as it adds a lot of positivity and freshness to the room. So instead of a store bought floor wash, just mop your floor with salt and water. This will really help to transmute the negative energy and raise the vibrations of the room. You can actually feel the difference.

Remember that a house is living energy. The house is living energy. It holds the thoughts and emotions of the people who have and do live in the space!

Burning Salt 

Burning salt is an amazing space cleanser.

You will need a fireproof container. An aluminium banking tray that you will get from buying microwaveable food or even a ceramic coffee cup of bowl that you are not too attached too will do. You will also need some high content alcohol and matches. I would suggest placing your container in a shallow pan of water for extra safety.

Clear your mind of all thoughts. And when you feel present take three handfuls of rock or epsom salt and drop it into the container. Pour in just enough alcohol to cover the salt. Light a match and drop it in the mixture. While the mixture is alight, you can support the process by visualising any unwanted energies in the space being drawn and then transmuted by the fire.

When the salt has burned and the fire it out, wait for the container to cool down before toughing it. If you reuse the container, chip out the salt and flush that salt down the drain – you will not want to reuse it in any way.

Salt Bowls in and around the house

A salt bowl in your home can absorb water, emit ions, kill bacteria and of course help clear negative energies. You can use any bowl, although a non-porous bowl is best. You may wish to create an intention with your salt, by saying it aloud as you place the salt in your chosen position. Something, like “May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect those in the home of negative energy.”

You can put your salt bowls anywhere. At main entrances are good spots as well as corners of a room.

If you can be sure your pets wont eat the salt you can all sprinkle salt on your floors, carpets or windowsills for an hour or so before you clean.

When the energy of the bowl feels saturated, please throw it away – don’t reuse it or eat it. I find the salt usually lasts for about 30-40 days.

Himalayan salt lamps are fantastic for clearing and energising the space too.

Salt Water Spritz

Pour water in a bowl  and add salt and swirl it around with your hand while you make an intentions to use this water to clear your space. Let it charge under both the sun and the moon for 3 days. If you have an altar, this is a great place to charge it too. You can pour the water into a spritz bottle and use this to clear space too.

Using Sacred Geometry To Clear Space

Sacred geometry is a vastly underused and misunderstood tool that we can use to raise the vibration of both ourselves and our spaces. I teach a very empowering and practical class with ancient tools on how to use sacred geometry in our lives, tools that have been handed down through an unbroken oral lineage in the Modern Mystery School. If you would like to know more, please visit my website,


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