“When death finds you, may it find you alive.” (African proverb)
I look around me and see so many people living with a constant, “soul-ache.” An emptiness that no amount of money, change, holidays, adventure or numbing can seem to shift. A constant frustration that there is more to life, that just beyond our grasp lies a life with so much more joy and purpose. I know this feeling well but through dedicated commitment to healing and knowing myself I have experienced that it is possible to truly heal and live with joy. Not happiness that is reliant on external happenings, but a constant joy that comes from knowing oneself, loving oneself and living one’s own life, not the life of our parents, or community, partners or even kids. But our own life. And this is what it means to live life alive.

It is is my mission to bring the light to your life. To share tools with you so that you can build your own foundation of healing. I am not interested in developing co-dependancies with my clients. The essence of my work is to empower you, so that you can live confident in your ability to seek the answers within, confident to live authentically, to stand in your power, and to live the life of YOUR dreams.

The work we do may not always be comfortable, but it will bring profound shifts and self empowerment to your life.And the fruit of this will be a greater sense of joy and purpose.

From Clients
I've experienced a different world since my life activation. It really does a shine a light on the path to your true nature. Thank you for this cherished gift.

Peter - Life Activation

My energy levels feel improved - and I feel as though I’m growing and expanding - bolder, getting more comfortable with taking up space, I feel a growing sense of being unapologetic about who I am, getting real and in touch with my authentic ‘essence’.

Aryn - Life Activation

I received the most beautiful and powerful healing from Robyn last night and my heart feels so open. Please go and see Robyn for a crystal rites healing - POWER.

Angie - Crystal Rites Healing

Robyn's wholehearted commitment to this path, and to the healing process of her clients, is astounding. Her authenticity, wisdom and compassion have guided me through a truly transformative process. It feels as if I have been 'switched on' - like I have woken up from a long, deep sleep. I feel enlivened, lucid and energised - quite simply, I feel as if I have been filled with a bright, divine light.

G. S. S - Life Activation

What a grounding, peaceful and connecting experience you offered me! You gave me so much peace and space, it's no wonder my life was then able to shift into circumstances beyond my wildest dreams with regards to career! Thank you for your blessings and wonderful gifts. I feel more aligned with passion than I believe I ever have. I'm still reaping the benefits from what transpired 6 months later.

Christina - Life Activation

I had a life activation with Robyn this weekend. If there is anything you need to do in this life here right now it is this. If you are reading this it's no coincidence.

VD - Life Activation

Thank you so very much for yesterday. It was so meaningful and powerful.

Cath - Life Activation

There is a weight that has been lifted off me. A few people have commented that I look different, younger.

Laura - Life Activation

Wow. What happened last night? That was super powerful. I am still feeling it. The most simple way I can describe what I felt afterwards and still this morning is: like myself again.

Talitha - Meditation

Thank you for last night. The work that you do is just so incredible. Thank you for making this your mission. You are so appreciated. Last night was beautiful and powerful and real.

T Kotze - Sanctuary Meditation Class

Thankyou for last night. Was beautiful learning, went deep. Used the technique this morning and received Guidance and boosted my energy. Very grateful to have you sharing YOUR energy, and the school’s techniques

Jamie - Sanctuary Meditation Class

Thank so much for a truly, profoundly life-changing activation. I felt all your love and all your energy in my activation I could feel and see your beautiful light. Thank you sister for being a portal of light in service to us on planet earth. You have no idea how grateful I am today that our paths have crossed and how I know that with every fiber of being I was brought you. Make me realize even more how this web of life is so connected and so profoundly magical

Itami - Life Activation

I feel like a new person... But also like who I've met to be. I feel this magic flowing so powerfully through my body and being. I'm so so grateful to you for opening this book to page 1. I'm so so excited to be reconnected with you and this power.

Emily - Life Activation

I have been absolutely blessed to have met the very lovely 'n special Robyn, & had the privilege of learning essential tools, that have me filled with butterflies of excitement for my life now activated ☆ l look forward to growing & shining even brighter, under her beYOUtoFull guidance ~ thank you for YOU, Robyn!

Karen - Life Activation & Sanctuary Meditation

My crystal Reading with Robyn was incredibly powerful! I received a lot of clarity and confirmation on things that I had been contemplating for a long time. Robyn has an amazing way of guiding you with the information that comes through - helping you to see where you need to put your focus and energy. I would highly recommend a crystal reading or any other session with Robyn.

Clare - Crystal Reading

My soul retrieval with Robyn was one of the most extraordinary and transformative experiences of my life – sacred, beautiful and unforgettable. I feel totally renewed and full of gratitude for Robyn’s unwavering, heartfelt commitment to her clients and their healing.

Sophie - Hermetic Soul Retrieval

It is hard to put into words exactly how Robyn has helped me in one of the most difficult times of my life. I recently did a crystal healing and it was like falling into the most comfortable hug possible. I came out of it calm and comforted with more self confidence then I expected. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to just get back to themselves.

Laura - Ancient Crystal Healing

My Life Activation with Robyn was magical. The love and integrity felt during the process filled me with serenity and light. I am so excited to see my true Purpose unfold. Robyn High Priestess you are a true healer. Thank you for sharing your love and light with me. Namaste

Mandy - Life Activation

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing meditation on Thursday. I feel as light as a feather.

Claire - Meditation

You are an amazing heart truth catalyst. I am so glad you are doing one on one work. I will be sending many beautiful clients your way. I can’t tell you how big this shift has been. Thank You.


You changed my life today with the life activation. Thank you.

Dani - Life Activation

Thanks so much for the meditation. It really reminded me of the state of mind I would like to be in more often 😅 Really loved it. Thanks.

Jade - Meditation

I wanted to thank you again for our beautiful session, it is still sinking in but I can feel big shifts and I am very curious as to what will unfold. I have also been having very vivid dreams. I have been journalling a lot the last few days and have been feeling big big breakthroughs which is incredible, and trying to unpack patters and wounds like you said and its truly fascinating. Thank you.

Lucy - Life Activation

Thank you so much for last night. It was powerful. I am going through some heart pain and I can feel that the meditation is supporting me. Bless you.

Rebecca - Meditation

So much is shifting and programs dismantling… loving this transformation. Thank you.


Thanks for an amazing truly self connecting experience this evening... So needed and grateful xxx see you next time xxx

Verona - Meditation

You are really amazing in your healing and hold space excellently. I can definitely feel the inner shift happening.

Marcelle - Life Activation

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