“When death finds you, may it find you alive.” 

(African proverb)

I look around me and see so many people living with a constant, “soul-ache.” An emptiness that no amount of money, change, holidays, adventure or numbing can seem to shift. A constant frustration that there is more to life, that just beyond our grasp lies a life with so much more joy and purpose. I know this feeling well but through dedicated commitment to healing and knowing myself I have experienced that it is possible to truly heal and live with joy. Not happiness that is reliant on external happenings, but a constant joy that comes from knowing oneself, loving oneself and living one’s own life, not the life of our parents, or community, partners or even kids. But our own life. And this is what it means to live life alive.

It is my mission to bring the light to your life. To share tools with you so that you can build your own foundation of healing. I am not interested in developing co-dependancies with my clients. The essence of my work is to empower you, so that you can live confident in your ability to seek the answers within, confident to live authentically, to stand in your power, and to live the life of YOUR dreams.

I have a natural gift for being able to see which mental constructs, programs and belief systems are holding my clients back. I can see their blocks and combined with an innate ability to communicate deep truth in a heart-centred way I help my clients cut through the maya (the illusion) they have created for themselves.
Our problems lie in the maya and it is in being supported to see reality as it is that our problems and challenges and more excitingly, the solutions to our heartache and pain becomes so much clearer.
I have journeyed intensely across many traditions of healing on our planet for over 25 years and bring the very best tools from this work to support my clients. I have lived a full life, healed from deep trauma, survived many a dark night of the soul and major life transitions, I’ve supported powerful transformation with hundreds of clients helping them bring truth into their lives, I’ve successfully started and sold businesses and have manifested and created sustainable wealth for myself and I take all of this experience and share it with you. My life is my practice and the evidence of my work lies in the life that I live.
My family and I live completely off-grid and are almost entirely self-subsistent on our forest farm in the mountains. I am utterly infatuated with the profound doorways that Nature holds for our healing and spend hours getting “lost” in our land. I walk the Beauty Way with deep reverence and humility. Integrity, right relations and the development of virtue in all things are paramount to everything I do. 
“The work we do may not always be comfortable, but it will bring profound shifts and self empowerment to your life. And the fruits of it will be to help you find the most honest, the most joyful, and the most beautiful version of yourself.”


The beauty of the present moment has revealed its magic to me in an unprecedented way. After embarking on a spiritual journey with the Modern Mystery School which I love and pursue and engaging in continuous practices, I experienced this profound moment through breath work, guided by Robyn , an incredible teacher and facilitator. It's fascinating how, after years of pursuit without fully grasping it, the essence of being present unfolds naturally, without force or struggle. So, what exactly is this present moment? To me, it's an awakening to immense gratitude, a sensation so intense that it feels as though my heart might burst from my chest and I feel like I unite with everything with the whole universe. This overwhelming yet empowering feeling signifies being deeply immersed in the here and now, to the extent that there's nowhere else for me to go or be, where time just stops together with my thinking and the expansion of my being is beyond words. It embodies freedom yet anchors me firmly to the ground. Indeed, life is beautiful when experienced in such depth.


A powerful journey beyond the veil, a highly transformative experience. Working with Robyn has been a deeply instrumental leap forward in my spiritual journey. She has the capacity to guide you to places that you never once thought existed. To truly hold space in a light that has the capacity to show you who you truly are. For me, a single breathwork session turned into an expansive journey toward full embodiment of the divine feminine. In my early days of working with her, she guided me through the mother wound and watched me transition from maiden to mother. During this transition, I would often see her as the mother I never had, guiding me and supporting me, until I developed the tools to find the mother essence deep within self. Her wisdom is powerful and her heart is warm. The journey to the sacred feminine can only be achieved by passing through the deep dark oceans of self. It can be cold and at times a lonely place to be, but I found warmth with Robyn by my side. If you’re willing to put forth the work, you will be rewarded by discovering the gifts deep within yourself. I have no doubt her knowledge and tools will be of tremendous support in your healing journey. I do and always will see her as an incredible teacher and I’m so glad to have her walk beside me.


A great friend recommended Robyn to me after I was dealing with a very challenging work crisis. Not only did Robyn help me through the hardest time in my business with growth and expansion but she became a mentor and enabled me step up a level in my vision and confidence. She has an incredible ability to listen completely and really hear whilst accessing a higher, spiritual understanding of the situation and guide you. She combines a spiritual connection with a down to earth approach and deep empathy. It felt natural to reach out to Robyn 6 months after the crisis for more mentoring and this evolved into spiritual guidance beyond just the business. Yet again her same qualities helped me transform myself. She taps in and understands and guides in such an incredible way. I will always recommend Robyn and am so grateful to have found someone so well designed to offer support in the world we live in. She offers just the right guidance in just the right way.


Thank you for holding me the way you did during our journey. I actually have no words. When I needed you to be, you were like a mother to me, a sister to me, a friend to me. When you were in channel, working on me and my body, it felt so so raw and beautiful and so ancient, it was just so deep. I don't think I have ever experienced that kind of cleansing and that kind of healing. What you removed and cleared out of me as profound. When you needed to hold me you did and when you needed to help me clear out everything that came through, you did. I can’t even put words to how grateful I am just for everything - every thought, all the energy that you put into looking after us and making it feel so safe and beautiful and delicious and making me feel so held. Your presence made it all feel so warm and I will be forever and eternally grateful for this experience and to have got to the other side with you - yoh! There are just no words.


Last year was marked for me by a soul call to explore my inner world in an intentional way. I knew that I would need the support and guidance of someone safe and whom I could trust to be in integrity throughout. Without a doubt, that person was Robyn - and she did not disappoint. My plant medicine journey with her was held in power and beauty, and was by far one of the most pivotal experiences on my spiritual journey yet. From the first conversation to the detailed preparation and post-care debriefing, I can and will recommend Robyn as a space holder of sacred intent, purpose and integrity.


Robyn’s guidance has helped me see the clear decisions available to me as I have sometimes struggled to navigate my transition from entrepreneur to healer. Having her support as a mentor, friend and sister has helped me find my way to trust and surrender to the process of transformation.


I did a breathwork session with Robyn at a time where I needed to let go of stagnancy and blockages that were holding me stuck emotionally and mentally. The session did just that and I felt lighter and free-er afterwards. What I love is also to be able to do this on my own when needed. Robyn is a gentle guide and her easy to understand way of guiding you through the session makes these breathwork sessions tools for your spiritual toolbox.


Robyn is a master of her art. She is utterly grounded and embodied in her medicine, and her razor sharp ability to see the truth of the matter is refreshing and delightful. Robyn holds a deeply honourable container and she resonates integrity that’s speaks of a lifetime of exploring her own shadow work, which I appreciate with so much love and respect.


Robyn's wholehearted commitment to this path, and to the healing process of her clients, is astounding. Her authenticity, wisdom and compassion have guided me through a truly transformative process. It feels as if I have been 'switched on' - like I have woken up from a long, deep sleep. I feel enlivened, lucid and energised - quite simply, I feel as if I have been filled with a bright, divine light.


You are an amazing heart truth catalyst. I am so glad you are doing one on one work. I will be sending many beautiful clients your way. I can’t tell you how big this shift has been. Thank You.


I wanted to thank you again for our beautiful session, it is still sinking in but I can feel big shifts and I am very curious as to what will unfold. I have also been having very vivid dreams. I have been journalling a lot the last few days and have been feeling big big breakthroughs which is incredible, and trying to unpack patters and wounds like you said and its truly fascinating. Thank you.


So much is shifting and programs dismantling… loving this transformation. Thank you.


Thank you for last night. The work that you do is just so incredible. Thank you for making this your mission. You are so appreciated.


You are really amazing in your healing and hold space excellently. I can definitely feel the inner shift happening.


Robyn was fantastic in helping me navigate some difficulties with my business with grace, clarity and action. I have since recommended her to a few business owner friends.