My Book

I was guided to write a book recently. It is called,
How the Rising Feminine is Supporting Our Collective Survival

I am busy with finding the most appropriate publishing route and you are welcome to contact me if you would like more information.

Here is a synopsis of this work:

The next chapter for humanity is being written in our lifetime, and I invite the reader to journey with me as we explore what is happening on the planet from a consciousness point of view, and how we can best navigate it. The sacred feminine is rising and these growing energies will be pushing us with greater intensity towards living in more truth. In this book, we will cover much about transition, specifically the void space, why it hurts, and why we must bravely face it. We will explore ways to traverse transition with greater ease. We will look at the rising feminine energies on the planet, and how the sacred feminine supports our individual and collective ascension. The book goes into great detail about soul initiations, living from the heart, and understanding and using the potential of the void for living a more authentic and joyful life. These aspects of soulful living are deeply intertwined with how the feminine operates, and we will explore how to integrate and embody the feminine in a grounded and approachable way.  I will address how the changing era from Pisces into Aquarius and the Precision of the Equinox provide fertile ground for the rising feminine and the consequent collective dark night of the soul and how this is a divine opportunity not to be missed.  By the end of this book, the reader will carry within them the knowledge and tools they need to better navigate change and growth in their life.

If you have found yourself wondering why it feels that everything is shifting in your inner or outer landscapes, or if you can feel the changing energies and are looking to understand this more deeply, then this book is for you. The journey of discovering our authentic self is the most rewarding adventure of all, and the time for hiding is done.

This book is dedicated to the seekers, to the men and women who can feel a new way of being in our world. To all who are being broken open or are breaking open to embrace the way of the heart, to follow the path of the Goddess and to live their lives with greater commitment than ever before to the teacher within.